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hey followers i know i have been MIA for a while but i promise once I am done with this semester ill be up and running again. Senior year in college is not as easy as van wilder made it seem so yea busy busy busy. You will have your tattoos, your kinks, your rock, and your quotes and all the other good stuff soon haha :) Oh and i was hacked a while back so if you saw some weird prissy pics….my friends are dicks so yea…

love, blood, and alcohol bitches <3

"I never know books could do that.”
“Do what?”
“Take me away from this place for a little while…make me forget."
-Beauty and the Beast (via amatorlibri)
"Sometimes a poem tells me, ‘No. No. I do not want to be written right now.’ And I understand. I am a patient lover."
-N. Waheed (via larmoyante)